“A Difference of One” ®

Intended to educate people on the choices.

1. Where are you now

This is an assessment of the current culture, processes and procedures of an organization and/or its people. It identifies any suggested areas of improvement and where to focus efforts for maximum benefit.

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3. Be the Leader

This module focuses on the ability for individuals at all levels to display leadership. It identifies leadership styles and personality traits to make positive change at home, community or work. It promotes personal commitments in these areas to establish goals for growth.

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2. Doing the Right thing

This module is built around the choices we make as individuals and how this can affect our surroundings. It talks about positive and negative affects based on the messages that we choose to deliver and the action we take.

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4. Are you there yet

This module promotes a re-assessment on a periodic basis through self reflection, completion of set goals and commitments along with performance evaluation to identify the next steps in personal or professional continuous improvement.

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“A Difference of One” ®


The Difference of One® Campaign was originally developed to promote individual proactive behavior in areas of Health & Safety and to achieve improvements in near miss and hazard reporting. It was developed to promote the ability for all persons to make a difference at home, in the community and at work.

The Difference of One® campaign is intended to educate people on the choices we make as well as the potential consequences of those choices when all of the risk factors are not considered. It also focuses on potential successes when the right decision is made along with the benefits to any individual or group.

Regardless of the industry or circumstance, it is people who are the greatest asset in any organization. Without people, or should it be said, quality people, an organization will not reach its potential. The attitudes of our people often reflect on the organization in areas of Health & Safety, Reputation and Performance. These factors all affect the organizations profitability. After all, organizations are in business to make money. 

By achieving engagement at all levels, you can maximize your resources and ensure profitability for the company and sustainability for your employees. This results in a potential increase in employee retention.

To achieve engagement of the workforce you must promote and recognize positive behavior and contributions. The Difference of One® campaign can enhance your culture and drive positive change throughout the organization. 

Becoming a Difference of One® Company will set your organization apart from the rest of your competitors and it is your people that will drive you forward.

There are four modules within the Difference of One ® and they are customizable to any area of an organization.


Difference of One

Positive Recognition Program

The Difference of One ® is a great rally point for positive recognition programs. Companies can use this to recognize employees or departments that have gone above and beyond their expectations and show leadership in the organization or group. The logo can be used on reward items to show that individual or group is a Difference of One®.

Using the Difference of One ® philosophy can set your organization apart and create a culture of safety, ownership and accountability leading to a better bottom line.

Become a Difference of One® Company.

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